Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New discovery

The other day we made fried tomatoes for lunch. Not fried green tomatoes, as in fried unripe tomatoes, but fried ripe tomatoes. The tomatoes get cooked through and get really juicy and good tasting. The idea was from the Cooking Locally workshop I took at Parkland. After breading all the tomatoes we had some egg and cornmeal leftover. Julie had the brilliant idea to mix the two, add some salt and thyme and fry it up. The result...Cornmeal Souffle:

It was so good, we made another one for dinner--cut into triangles and topped with slices of little green zebra tomatoes. The thyme is key. I don't know if this has ever done before; the closest I could find online was a corn souffle. If you eat eggs, try it sometime!

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